We believe in nurturing young minds with love, laughter, and the joy of learning. At CICS Lloyd Bond, we create a vibrant space where curiosity knows no bounds and every day is filled with exciting discoveries!
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students smiling
Meet The Staff Monday Name: Tareonna Cooper Title: Kindergarten Teacher Years in the Educational Industry: 2 Why do you do it?: I can remember in my 3rd grade class, I told Mr. Best I wanted to be a teacher. Not just any teacher, a KINDERGARTEN teacher. I chose kindergarten because no day is the same!! I never knew 5 year-olds had so much personality and I love it. You don’t know what to expect with them. My littles keep me on my feet which I love because I’m ready for anything. This age group is my favorite because they are beyond sweet. I love their messes, the good morning hugs, the random drawings of me, and the daily tears. Just being their first teacher outside of mom/dad is rewarding to me. No one forgets their Kindergarten teacher 🩷
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At CICS Lloyd Bond, during the month of October, "on Wednesdays we wear pink " to support Breast Cancer Awareness month.
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Meet your CICS Lloyd Bond Dean, Mr. McCray! “As Dean, I am planting seeds, and it’s fitting that our school is in the Altgeld Gardens community. I love knowing I may not see the difference today or tomorrow, but it will come. Just like a flower won’t grow overnight. The joy that I feel is giving students hope, words are powerful and I try to make sure that every day I am inspiring our kids and showing them that it’s possible- maybe they can become a dean one day like Mr. McCray!” Learn more about Mr. McCray and Restorative Justice here: https://www.cicslloydbond.org/o/cics-lloyd-bond/article/1293473
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Mr. McCray
SAVE THE DATE. We're looking forward to connecting for Fall Family Conferences! Fall conferences will take place on Wednesday, October 25, from 1:30-6pm and Friday, October 27th from 8am-1pm. Educators, students, and families can review progress toward goals, report cards, and assessment score reports. Look for links to sign up with teachers via email!
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Fall Conferences – Save The Date!
It's Meet the Staff Monday yet again. To start our week off we want to introduce you to the second face you will usually see when you step into the world of CICS Lloyd Bond. Name: Lentoya Stennis Title: Office Manager Years in the Educational Industry: 27 Why do you do it?: Honestly, I fell in to working in education because my mother was/is an educator, because you never stop being a teacher. Once I was in I just never left and I began to cherish every connection I made with students, staff and parents. I take pride in being able to show that those inside the classrooms are not the only people to touch the lives of students. What is your passion?: Art. I love color and I believe every person's life needs to be full of it. I do my best to help share it with the students to brighten their days even if only for the moments they walk the halls of Lloyd Bond.
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It's "Tell Me Something Good Thursday" 2nd grade had a fun time using play-doh to work on high frequency words. They also were engaged with their math lesson as they counted, organized and represented a collection of objects
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"Meet the Staff Monday" This week we will introduce a person who has seen the facets of instruction from inside and outside the classroom. She is driven, meticulous and 100% percent about giving her best so that teachers and student can achieve their best. #MTSM Name: Krystle Barnes Title: Instructional Coach Years in the Educational Industry: 12 Why do you do it?: I'm driven by the "ah-ha" moments that come from students. It brings me so much joy to teach a child and they have the light bulb moments when everything clicks, and they get it. I am passionate about growing young minds and pushing them to their fullest potential. My philosophy of education has always remained the same: I believe ALL children can learn, no matter the age, race, gender or ability level. I owe it to every student who walks into my school building to be my very best, because that is what I require of them.
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We will be closed on Monday, October 9th in honor of Indigenous Peoples’ Day. On this day we will reflect on our history and the role of Native people and communities in American history. If you’d like to learn more, here are 5 Ways You Can Show Up In Solidarity With Indigenous People: https://bit.ly/5WaystoShowUpWithIndigenousPeople. See you on Tuesday morning!
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indigenous peoples' day
CICS Lloyd Bond and JF want to hear from you! We’re partnering with YouthTruth to hear what families have to say about their school experience. Help your school understand how to improve! The survey is now live and open until October 27th. Complete the survey here: ytsurvey.org/distinctivefamily23 #CommunityVoice
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It's "Tell Me Something Good Thursday" At CICS Lloyd Bond, we always want to spread joy and positive moments, but most of all, we love to share what we learn. 6th grade had an interesting lesson in science about energy in motion.
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October is National Principals Month! We would like to take this time to recognize our incredible principal, Mr. Kirk! Thank you for your dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to shaping the future of our learners. We are so grateful for your leadership in building a vibrant school community for our students and families!
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principals month
It's "Meet The Staff Monday" Today we introduce you to a staff member with a big heart, big energy and huge passion. Name: Ms. Aaliyah Stephen better known as "Ms. Lee" Title: Enrichment Teacher - Media Arts Years in the Educational Industry: 6 Why do you do it?: I teach to help empower, prepare and have a positive impact on all populations of learners and future generations of artists and filmmakers. What is your passion?: I am passionate about the content that I teach which is film and media. I love being able to open the door of opportunity for students to learn how to create their own stories and short films through screenplay writing, story boarding, directing and camera operation. They take pride in learning. It is a beautiful experience to see how creative they are and how much they enjoy learning the content. The joy I bring to the students is something I take with me every day. I am forever grateful for the experience and the smiles I bring to their faces. #MTSM
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We love how bright and vibrant our Lloyd Bond classrooms are! It’s important to us that our space reflects the joy and love we have in our community – you can see that joy and love in our students’ faces, in the interactions with our teachers and staff, and we are thrilled to share what a beautiful place CICS Lloyd Bond is. Bringing joy and love to learning every day!
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fine arts room
It's "Meet the Staff Monday"!! We start this week off featuring one of the most loyal, humble and hard-working people on our staff. Name: Mr. Redmond Title: Campus Monitor Years in the Educational Industry: 15 Why do you do it?: I grew up with a lot of kids in my family so I have always wanted to work with kids. I love being there for them. Every day I continue to grow and this job has become a part of me. Mr. Redmond has watched countless students grow up, leave and ultimately bring their children back to Bond. Seeing his familiar face makes them feel so much better placing their precious cargo in our care.
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Happy Friday Families!! NJ would love if you could support our CICS Lloyd Bond scholars by buying and selling some Affy Tapple products for our annual fundraiser. Packets have been sent home and there are more available in our main office. Sell your hearts out to help us raise funds to provide activities and incentives to improve your scholar's life at CICS Lloyd Bond. All orders/money due October 10, 2023
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At CICS Lloyd Bond, we build a culture of *joyful* learning – encouraging curiosity in our students and instilling lifelong learning skills. Starting class with a fun game of rock, paper, scissors gets students energized and ready to engage in their learning!
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Mr. Culpepper and Mekhi B. want you to join us at CICS Lloyd Bond for Curriculum Night this Thursday, September 14th, 4:30pm-6:30pm. We hope to see you there for great information and fun activities. For every activity a student completes they will earn 2 Bengal Bucks for their account to spend at the Bengal store.
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Friday, Sept. 8th, is our first Dress Down Day at CICS Lloyd Bond. Scholars who would like to participate should bring their dollar and pay their homeroom teacher on Friday morning. All students who do not participate should arrive in full uniform.
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Dress Down
We’re wishing you a fantastic and restful Labor Day break! We will be closed on Monday, and cannot wait to see our students back in the classroom on Tuesday, September 5. Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!
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labor day