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CICS Food Program

At CICS, we are committed to our students’ health and wellness. Research shows that healthy students are better able to pay attention in class and better positioned to succeed in school and in life. (Check out this study from the CDC.)

The goals of our food program are to:

  • Support the academic success and achievement of our students
  • Provide nutritious meals at no charge which allow students to maintain focus
  • Provide healthy and fresh food offerings along with education on making healthy choices
  • Expose our students to new culinary experiences while still offering “kid favorites”
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Student Meals at No Charge

ALL CICS students are provided healthy, nutritious meals at no charge including breakfast (if they arrive on time), lunch, and after school supper when they are enrolled in an afterschool program. At the start of each month, lunch menus will be available at the main office and online by Clicking Here​​​​​​​.

NOTE: A student may also choose to bring in his/her own meals; however, all foods must adhere to the CICS Wellness Policy. Students are not permitted to bring in foods that are unhealthy or high in sugar including candy, soda, energy drinks, donuts, cupcakes, chips, Cheetos, candy bars, etc. Additionally, students are not permitted to bring food that requires any preparation, such as heating.

Smart Snack Requirements throughout the Day

AT CICS, we are committed to health and wellness, not just at meal times, but throughout the day. Children need healthy snacks for energy, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, to help them grow, learn and be active.

ALL treats sent from home for celebrations (e.g., birthdays), snack times, etc. or provided by schools staff for class rewards, incentives, etc. MUST meet the USDA Smart Snack requirements or feature non-food items. USDA Smart Snacks do not include cupcakes, ice cream, cookies, fast food, outside pizza, Cheetos, Funyuns, etc.

Click for a list of Smart Snack and non-food ideas. As a guideline, allowable snacks meet the following nutritional requirements per serving: ·

  • 150 calories or less ·
  • 35% of total calories from fat or less ·
  • 10% of total calories from saturated fat or less ·
  • 30g of sugars or less ·
  • 230 mg of sodium or less per serving

Please note that the school has a no gum policy. Students are not permitted to bring or chew gum at any time while they are on the premises.


If your student has any food allergies or needs a meal accommodation, families are required to notify the school nurse and provide documentation from a doctor. Click to download and print the required Meal Accommodation/Doctor Documentation Form.