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Charter Schools USA is one of nation’s largest providers of charter school management services in the United States and a leader in the development and design of charter schools. As its mission states, “CSUSA creates and operates high quality schools with an unwavering dedication to student achievement, unyielding commitment to ethical and sound business practices, and providing a choice for communities, parents, students and professionals that fosters educational excellence in America.”

CICS Lloyd Bond Curriculum combines the formal performance-based State Standards and informal content and process utilized in the Core Curriculum Model which together will enable our students to gain knowledge and understanding, develop skills, and alter attitudes, appreciation and values under the guidance of a select, highly skilled teaching staff.

We offer a range of courses that lead to a high school diploma in preparation for college and/or future career decisions. Students are encouraged to talk with parents, teachers and guidance counselors to assist in making their course selections. All courses are dependent on sufficient enrollment numbers.

Educational Philosophy

CICS Lloyd Bond has as its core philosophy the belief that all children can develop as intellectual learners, function as good citizens, learn as individuals in our society and develop as actual or potential workers in our community. Students can be academically successful, and all subjects can work as potential contributors to their intellectual development.

We value the traditional classroom teacher and the role of the family and its impact on our students, and we place strong emphasis on the value of new information and technologies to enhance the development of the individual strengths of each of our students. We place strong emphasis on identifying our student’s learning styles and developing strategies that enable these students to succeed.

We believe in the development of good morals and useful skills in preparing functioning citizens. CICS Lloyd Bond creates a greater sense of community ownership with the parents due to its location at the workplace, its contractual agreements for parent involvement and because of the intense educational program that focuses on developing effective, functioning human beings.

We believe the synergy of the low teacher-pupil ratio, the goal oriented curriculum and the preparation and teaching experience of the carefully selected staff provides a high level of consistency between our mission and our educational program.

For more information on the Charter Schools USA Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum, please visit www.charterschoolsusa.com.


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