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    From CICS Lloyd Bond Facebook Page

    🏀 Study Table Sessions

    I am pleased to announce that study table sessions have gotten off to a fantastic start. Our student-athletes are catching up on missing assignments, receiving tutoring on subjects that they may not have caught onto in class, and completing homework before they leave the building.

    A BIG SHOUT OUT goes to Mrs. Artel and Mr. Dennis for being in attendance for every study table session. This has been a tremendous help to the team, because these boys need extra help, and Mrs. Artel and Mr. Dennis are available and willing to spend their time to help our student become productive members of society.

    Once again, a BIG THANK YOU to Mrs. Artel and Mr. Dennis.
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    "If I could change one thing about the public education system in America..."

    Foundation for Excellence in Education asked that same question to some of the leading innovators in education.

    Find out what Governor Jeb Bush, Arthur Brooks, Todd Rose, Arne Duncan, Angela Duckworth, Sal Khan and others had to say in this exclusive behind-the-scenes video. #EIE16
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