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CICS Lloyd Bond

Welcome to CICS Lloyd Bond. We are a tuition-free public charter school educating students in grades K-6. CICS Lloyd Bond is governed by Chicago International Charter Schools and a member of the Charter Schools USA (CSUSA) family of schools.


CICS Lloyd Bond Charter School will provide students with the necessary tools and skills needed to develop superior levels of achievement. We strive for academic, social and physical excellence by providing a quality and challenging curriculum. We promote positive moral and social values, foster an atmosphere of self-discipline in a safe learning environment, and maximize individual productivity to meet the needs of a changing global society. CICS Lloyd Bond students will be able to maximize their potential for successfully actualizinging their goals with confidence and intrinsic motivation, thereby enabling each student to become a lifelong learner and strong functional contributor to their local community as well as their global community.

Latest School News

  • pennies for patients drive

    Pennies for Patients Drive at CICS Lloyd Bond

    The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Pennies for Patients Drive | Lloyd Bond Bengals Rock!

    Ms. Jones and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) would like to thank all of our Students and Staff who participated in the Pennies for Patients fundraising efforts for the month of October. As a school, we raised a $408.37.

    Congratulations to our 1st place winner's , Ms. Valfre's 4th grade class who raised $109.73, and the 2nd place winner's (Alfred-Davis) and 3rd place winner's (Mrs. Copeland). A special Bengal Roar goes to 1st grader Amina Jones in Mrs. Copeland's class raised $27.00 all by herself. Prizes for the winning classes will be announced at a later date.

  • Teacher of the Month:
    Ms. Carol Nicholson

    Teacher of the Month Rubric: Ms. Carol Nicholson

    Mrs. Nicholson is dedicated to the success of all her students, and she exemplifies this by coming to work early everyday and being one of the last to leave. She continues to grow as an educator, and is eager to hone her craft by consistently seeking the advice of the leaders within our building. We are lucky to have her as a part of our team.

  • Staff Member of the Month:
    Ms. Michele Edison

    Staff Member the Month Rubric: Ms. Michele Edison

    Ms. Edison is the calm before the storm. She holds herself to high standards as it relates to dealing with our students daily. Ms. Edison is an amazing person and has truly showed her presence in the transformation of classrooms this year. Every classroom she has touched down in has experienced what I like to call "The Edison Effect"...she helps students maximize there potential with patience and consistency; allowing the classroom teachers she works with maximize instruction time. We love you Edison and you are a game changer for Lloyd Bond.

What is a Charter School?

Charter schools are tuition-free public schools of choice, but each charter school is governed independently. Unlike traditional public schools, every charter school must demonstrate success, or it will lose its charter.

CSUSA is one of the largest providers of charter school management services in the nation. CSUSA manages private and municipal charters for grades Pre-K through 12.

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